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Fully automatic paint spray system

We were asked by our customer to design and supply a automatic spray system to coat small steel components after welding. This system had to spray a 20mm long stripe of grey primer paint approximatly 6mm wide every 1.5 seconds.

Automatic paint spray gun

The spray gun we chose to apply the paint was an ITW DeVilbiss Cobra automatic compressed air atomising gun. This is one of the fastest operating spray gun on the market and gives a very good precise atomised finish.

Paint spray gun

We supply the paint to the spray gun by means of a 9 litre pressure feed tank.

Pressure feed tank

A PLC system controls the spray operation with proximity switches to accuratly control the component positioning.

Conveyor with nylon pads

The conveyor is manufacured from a " pitch simplex chain with nylon pads to give the components a flat surface to sit on. We fitted a small magnet within each of the nylon pads which holds the components securely during the indexes and spray operation. An angled chute flicks off the compnents during the index, the components then fall onto a belt conveyor to be taken away to be packed.

Conveyor with compressed air nozzles

The components are hot after the welding process and need to be cooled before the spray operation. We included a series of compressed air nozzles which blow onto the components during the indexes.

conveyor with chain pins visible

The index is achieved by means of a pneumatic cylinder and a toggle arrangment. The toggle catches onto the side chain pins and pushes the chain. The pins are set at 1" centres so the index moves at a 1" pitch.

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