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Small test dry filter spray booth built into an alcove

The customer manufactures quality uPVC windows and some of their customers require the external surfaces coloured. We have worked with a specialist paint manufactuer in developing equipment to apply surface coatings onto the substrates.

Because this is a new venture to this manufacturer he did not want to invest in a full blown paint plant and wanted a small test facility to offer his customers the new colours available.

We installed a small dry filter extract system within his glazing department. This is being used to produce small production runs of windows and doors.

Dry filter extraction system

The exit to this extact system was through the rear factory wall. A square ninety degree bend was manufactured and installed to keep the duct close to the factory wall. The extact fan was installed externally onto this bend.

External extraction duct

As the photograph shows we install the duct using hooped brackets with Uni-Stut to allow adjustment. The Uni-Strut is attached to the building cladding sheet rails.

The weather cowl is designed to stop water entering the duct during storms.

We design the ducts to comply with the current extract efflux velocity as specifed by the Health & Safety Execertive.

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