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The hidden danger of untreated air

When the air that surrounds us is compressed, it's vapour and particle concentration increases dramatically. The compression process causes the oil and water vapours to condense into droplets, and then mix with a high concentration of particles. The resulting mixture is an abrasive oily sludge that in many cases is also acidic.

Without air treatment equipment, much of this corrosive sludge will enter the compressed air system, corroding pipe work, damaging pneumatic tools, spray painting equipment and machinery as well as potentially compromising final product quality.

Picture of an air drier from Atlas Copco

The simple solution for a costly problem

The FX range of refridgerant driers offer a reliable, cost effective and simple solution. To avoid condensation and therefore all chance of corrosion and damage, the compressed air needs to be dried, which is exactly what the FX units are designed to do.

These simple, reliable units remove water from the air and the risk from your system, ensuring that your money doesn't just disappear into thin air.

Easy Installation

  • Plug and play concept
  • Single electrical connection
  • All units pre-commissioned
  • Self regulating

Minimal Maintenance

  • Long service intervals
  • Few component replacements
  • Ergonomic design for fast access to key components

Significant Cost Savings

  • Increased reliability and lifetime of tools and equipment
  • Reduced pipe work leaks, meaning reduced energy bill
  • Fewer repairs to tools, machines and pipe work
  • Less inconvenient breakdowns and stoppages
  • Minimal chance of product spoilage through moisture carry over

Solid Performance

  • Steady pressure dew point
  • No freezing of condensed moisture
  • No chance of moisture entering the compressed air system
Another picture of an Atlas Copco air drier

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