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Atlas Copco
Piston Compressors


Automan AF Series Piston CompressorAF SERIES PISTON COMPRESSOR

Designed for the professional and semi professional. It combines reliability and ease of use in one package.

Reliability is achieved through a careful attention to design and technical features of the Automan.

Ease of use is achieved by focusing on the compact and light weight design. A wide choice of models ensures that there is a solution for every application that requires a compact and light weight compressor. This is realised by directly connecting the compressor to the motor and by using small receivers from 3 to 100 litre.



Slower running compressors that will typically serve the workshops or garages that frequently need more air at a higher working pressure of 10 or 12 bar. In the wide AC range, compressors are offered from 2 to 10 HP, on vessels from 25-500L. Similar to the AF series, there is a solution for every application. Special features such as the large cooling fan and the special aftercooler (on models from 4HP), together with the low rotation speed, make the AC the solid brother of the AF Automan.

The AC Automan makes sure that continuous operation is secured combined with a minimum of maintenance in a wide range of applications.

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