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Rotary Screw Compressors from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco GX CompressorsAtlas Copco screw compressors have always set the standard for reliability and performance in the compressed air industry.
  • With the new GX 2-11, Atlas Copco brings the power and reliability of an industrial screw compressor to small and medium sized industry.
  • Traditionally, light industry has had to settle for inefficient and noisy piston compressors. The GX 2-11 deliver silent power and simple reliability.
  • The advanced sound dampening of these units ensures silent power. The sound level of the complete package is only 61 to 70 dB(A).
  • Simple reliability is ensured as Atlas Copco screw compressors are suitable for 100% continuous duty. Additionally, the number of components has been kept to a minimum so simplicity is designed in from the start.

Quality Air. Clean, dry air saves you time and money

When the air that surrounds us is compressed, the water vapour and pollution in the air will be concentrated in the compressed air. Unless this water and pollution is removed, it will be carried into your compressed air system where it can damage you piping, compressed air tools and machinery as well as your end products.

Full Feature Air Dryer

The GX 2-11 is available with a built in refridgerant air dryer. A refridgerant air dryer cools the compressed air and removes water vapour before it can enter your compressed air network. This prevents rust in your compressed air pipe work and avoids damage to your air tools.

Atlas Copco Air Drier

PDx High Efficiency Air Filter

All oil lubricated compressors expose your compressed air to oil vapours. These oil vapours, combined with atmospheric pollutants, can create and abrasive oil sludge. The best way to protect your tools and machinery is to install an inline PDx air filter.

Atlas Copco Air Filter
Electronic Receiver Drain

Compressed air receivers always require periodic drainage to remove any condensate that may accumulate. With the electronic drain option, this operation is handled automatically and efficiently.

Atlas Copco Receiver Drain

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