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Electrostatic Paint Spraying

Used together with conventional or Airmix?spraying, the electrostatic effect delivers a higher transfer efficiency onto the surface. The fan of paint is electrically charged whilst the surface is grounded. The resultant electrostatic field changes the trajectory of the paint particles, which are attracted towards the surface. This amounts to what we call the 'wrap around effect' which increases the transfer efficiency and at the same time reduces over spray. Electrostatic Paint Spraying
Another picture of electrostatic paint spraying

Composition of an electrostatic system.

A standard electrostatic set up consists of a pump, a power supply, a spray gun and 2 hoses.

  • the standard pump can be chosen from the standard piston or Flowmax?range
  • the power supply converts the main alternating current to a direct current and reduces the voltage. A setting on the box allows the voltage to be adjusted between 20 and 85kv
  • the two hoses carry the atomising air and product to the gun
  • the fluid hose, which is specifically designed, is chosen dependent on the type of gun and the resistance of the product

Why use electrostatic spraying?

The advantages of electrostatic spraying are considerable under production conditions where more than 15 gallons of pain is used per week.

  • paint savings of up to 30% can be achieved
  • faster application times thanks to a very high transfer efficiency and wrap around effect
  • better quality of coat, totally consistent layer thickness, perfect coverage of angles
  • protection of the environment, VOC emission level considerably reduced


Kremlin STD9

Transforms main alternating current into a variable direct current adjustable between 3 volt and 12 volt. Has a built in electronic system to ensure safe operation of the gun. A switch in the power supply turns the voltage on when the gun is triggered and atomising air is flowing.

Designation Part No.
STD9 Power Supply 148.200.100
STD9 B Power Supply specific for ISO Bubble II?/td> 148.200.200



Kremlin KMV3


Ideal for complex parts such as tubes, frame works, chassis and tables. Swirling fan available for maximum wrap around effect.

Designation Fan Pattern Air Cap Tip Calibre (mm) Electric Cable Length (m) Part No.
KMV3 Gun Round KMV Swirling Fan 10 135.287.420
15 135.287.425
KMP3 Gun Flat KP3 1.2 10 135.286.420
15 135.286.425


Kit Designation Resistivity Range Hose Length (m) Kit Part No. Without Kit Part No.With STD9
KMV3 KIT Higher than 5MΩ.cm 5m 151.260.660 151.260.661
10m 151.260.665 151.260.666
15m 151.260.670 151.260.671
KMV3 Low Resistivity Kit Lower than 5MΩ.cm 10m 151.260.770  
KMP3 KIT Higher than 5MΩ.cm 5m 151.260.680 151.260.681
10m 151.260.685 151.260.686
15m 151.260.690 151.260.691
KMP3 Low Resistivity Kit Lower than 5MΩ.cm 10m 151.260.765  


Kremlin KMX3  

Perfect for coating all parts with large areas, with Airmix finish quality such as metal furniture, agricultural machines, trucks etc.

Designation Fan Pattern Air Cap Tip Calibre (mm) Electric Cable Length (m) Part No.
KMX3 Gun Flat KX16 09.135 10 135.284.420
15 135.284.425
KMC3 Gun Round Hollow Fan KXC5 K30 10 135.283.430
15 135.283.435


Kit Designation Resistivity Range Hose Length (m) Kit Part No. Without Kit Part No.With STD9
KMX3 KIT Higher than 5MΩ.cm 5m 151.260.695 151.260.696
10m 151.260.700 151.260.701
15m 151.260.705 151.260.706
KMX3 Low Resistivity Kit Lower than 5MΩ.cm 10m 151.260.760  
KMC3 KIT Higher than 5MΩ.cm 5m 151.260.710 151.260.711
10m 151.260.715 151.260.716
15m 151.260.720 151.260.721

ISOBubble II

Kremlin ISOBubble For water based paints, pump and paint should be isolated in an isobubble. The new Kremlin ISOBubble II, with a compact design, can be installed near the working area.

With a large sliding cover, it allows for fast and easy pressure adjustments and colour changes.

A built in safety device ensures the system is grounded when the gun is not triggered or if the cover is opened.

Please ask for further details of spraying water based materials.

Please ask for advice on pump and fluid tip selection and for which system best suits your production needs.

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