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Kremlin A35 spray guns

The new Kremlin A35 spray gun is ideal for high productivity paint spray applications. It offers superior finish quality and high reliability.

Modular design for High Volume Production with an outstanding finish quality. HTI and HPA spraying technologies. Wide fan patterns available.

HTI -High Transfer Innovation - High quality finish with high transfer efficiency.

HPA - High Power of Atomization - High quality finish with high power atomization.


  • Excellent atomization quality with outstanding transfer eficiency
  • Modular design
  • New EN 3L aircap (HPA)
  • Indexed aircap 0-90
  • Built-in valve
  • Fluid output adjustment by indexed button
  • All stainless steel construction


  • Excellent finish quality, reduced paint costs, cleaner working environment, lower booth maintenance
  • Unsurpassed wide fan pattern
  • Quick service: only 4 bolts to unscrew, no need to remove hoses
  • Perfect readjustment of fan pattern
  • High precision fluid regulation
  • Non air-bleeding gun
  • Compatible with materials (water-based products

We stock a wide range of spray guns and paint spray equipment - call us for more details. We also provide bespoke spraying solutions when required.

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