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Kremlin EOS paint spray pumps

Kremlin EOS paint spray pumps The Kremlin EOS paint spray pump range is born from experience in the design and manufacture of sustainable and high performance pumping systems for both manual or automatic spray gun applications.

The EOS pump range is the ideal partner for your Airmix and Airless Spray Guns, providing exceptional performance (Quality of finish, High Transfer Efficiency).

EOS 15-C25 / EOS 30-C25

The EOS 15-C25 and EOS 30-C25 paint spray pumps are compact and offer even higher performance. The series numbers represent the pump pressure ratio followed by the fluid delivery in cc.

These paint spray pumps are ideal for:

  • Furniture
  • Joiners
  • Kitchen and bathrooms
  • Shop fitters
  • Farming & Earth moving equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Rolling stock
  • Machine tools
  • Drums (Manual application)
  • Aircraft (Interior applications)

EOS Pumps 15-C25 & 30-C25 are very compact considering their high performance (flow rate & pressure ratio). Perfectly adapted to be trolley or stand mounted while maintaining a sufficient distance between ground and pump foot valve.

Kremlin paint spray pumps EOS15-C25/EOS30-C25

For extra product information for the Kremlin EOS paint spray pumps range view the PDFs below:

These give more information regarding the features and benefits of these pumps as well as full technical specifications.


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