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The M22 gun range offers unrivalled comfort for professionals. A comfortable, well balanced gun with ergonomic gun handle and a feather light trigger action. This product is so comfortable and easy to use you forget you are holding it. Tested and approved by operators and by international paint manufacturers, the M22 gun range meets wood, metal, plastic and automotive requirements.

Suitable for use with : solvent or water based, varnishes, lacquers, polyurethanes, two component, high solids, stains and UV paints.

Kremlin introduces new innovations with HTi and HPA spraying technologies on the M22 range which benefits from the latest extensive research and development works done on transfer efficiency and finish quality.

HTi High Transfer

M22 HTi meets most stringent legislation related to environmental protection.

New M22 HTi guns are available in gravity or pressure versions fed by a pump or pressure pot. Two air caps are available to choose for the best performance depending on materials used and the required outputs.

HTi Compliant Airspray Gravity Gun

Kremlin M22 HTi Gravity Spray Gun

Part No. Description
136.130.100 HTi Gravity White Cup Bare M22
136.130.111 HTi Gravity White Cup 1.2mm Projector M22
136.130.112 HTi Gravity White Cup 1.3mm Projector M22
136.130.113 HTi Gravity White Cup 1.4mm Projector M22
136.130.114 HTi Gravity White Cup 1.5mm Projector M22
136.130.115 HTi Gravity White Cup 1.8mm Projector M22
136.131.100 HTi Gravity Grey Cup Bare M22
136.131.111 HTi Gravity Grey Cup 1.2mm Projector M22
136.131.112 HTi Gravity Grey Cup 1.3mm Projector M22
136.131.113 HTi Gravity Grey Cup 1.4mm Projector M22
136.131.114 HTi Gravity Grey Cup 1.5mm Projector M22
136.131.115 HTi Gravity Grey Cup 1.8mm Projector M22

HTi Compliant Airspray Pressure Gun Kremlin M22 HTi Pressure
Part No. Description
135.140.200 HTi Pressure Bare M22
135.140.211 HTi Pressure 0.7 EP3 Air Cap M22
135.140.212 HTi Pressure 0.9 EP3 Air Cap M22
135.140.213 HTi Pressure 1.2 EP3 Air Cap M22
135.140.216 HTi Pressure 1.5 EP3 Air Cap M22
135.140.217 HTi Pressure 1.8 EP3 Air Cap M22

HPA High Power Atomisation

HPA spraying brings together unsurpassed finish quality and speed to apply a wide range of materials, including high viscosity materials.

New M22 HPA guns are available with gravity or suction cups depending on the operators choice or as an alternative pressure fed version fed by a pump or a pressure pot. They are the ideal choice for low to medium batch production.

HPA Conventional Airspray  Gravity Gun
  Part No. Description
Kremlin M22 HPA Gravity Spray Gun 136.135.100 HPA Gravity White Cup Bare M22
136.135.101 HPA Gravity White Cup 1.2 EN5 M22
136.135.102 HPA Gravity White Cup 1.3 EN5 M22
136.135.103 HPA Gravity White Cup 1.4 EN5 M22
136.135.104 HPA Gravity White Cup 1.5 EN5 M22
136.135.105 HPA Gravity White Cup 1.8 EN5 M22
136.136.100 HPA Gravity Grey Cup Bare M22
136.136.101 HPA Gravity Grey Cup 1.2 EN5 M22
136.136.102 HPA Gravity Grey Cup 1.3 EN5 M22
136.136.103 HPA Gravity Grey Cup 1.4 EN5 M22
136.136.104 HPA Gravity Grey Cup 1.5 EN5 M22
136.136.105 HPA Gravity Grey Cup 1.8 EN5 M22

HPA Conventional Airspray Pressure Gun
Kremlin M22 HPA Airspray Pressure Spray Gun Part No. Description
135.145.200 HPA Pressure Bare M22
135.145.201 HPA Pressure 0.7 EN3 M22
135.145.202 HPA Pressure 0.9 EN3 M22
135.145.203 HPA Pressure 1.2 EN3 M22
135.145.206 HPA Pressure 1.5 EN3 M22
135.145.207 HPA Pressure 1.8 EN3 M22
HPA Conventional Airspray Suction Gun
Kremlin M22 HPA Airspray Suction Spray Gun Part No. Description
136.145.200 HPA Suction SM6 Cup bare M22
136.145.211 HPA Suction SM6 Cup 1.2 Projector EN2 M22
136.145.212 HPA Suction SM6 Cup 1.5 Projector M22
136.145.213 HPA Suction SM6 Cup 1.8 Projector M22

Other models of guns are available suitable for application such as adhesives, abrasive products and enamels. Please contact us for further information.

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