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Kremlin Rexson EOS Pump 30-C25

Kremlin Rexson EOS Pump 30-C25

The innovative design and component quality of Kremlin Rexson's EOS pump, the 30-C25, brings reliability and performance and allows for very simple maintenance, easy cleaning and safe color changes while using a minimum of solvents. The cost of ownership is reduced to a minimum.

The new air motor design allows for a smooth start-up under low air pressure and perfectly controled fluid output, without any pulsation at the gun with very low air consumption.

Latest generation paints developed for industrial markets are handled by the EOS pump's stainless steel construction without any problems.

The EOS pump range is available in wall-mounted versions with air control panel. A large choice of accessories (cart, tripod, product filter, suction rods) are available to fit any customer need.

Kremlin Rexson EOS Pump 30-C25 Specifications

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