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Paint Spray Ovens

  • Body is galvanised steel, double skin construction with the cavity thermally insulated and a minimum of through metal bracing.
  • Relief panels of approved type are fitted, normally to the rear wall.
  • The plain sheeted interior walls incorporating air recirculation ducts are suitable for use with trolley loaded work. Angle section tray or bar supports can be ordered as extras.

Paint Spray Oven

  • Twin swing doors of double skinned insulated construction, with anti distortion reinforcement, robust hinges, lever bolts and moulded air seals.
  • A roof mounted natural gas (direct fired) burner and combustion chamber are fitted complete with the necessary safety and operating controls.
  • Equipment includes main cocks and governor, main pilot solenoid cut off valve, temperature controller, flame failure and purge timing system, fain airflow interlock, spark ignition and internal piping system.
  • A roof mounted duct incorporates a bank of individual wire wound 3 phase heaters with temperature resistant mountings, connections and termination boxes. Supplied complete with the necessary safety and operating controls including temperature controller, safety cut out, fan interlock, switches, contractors and fuses.
  • A complete electrical box with isolator, fan starter, push buttons, indicator lights, temperature indicator and the appropriate heater controls and safety systems will be provided pre-wired, tested and mounted.
  • A damper controlled exhaust vent is fitted to the oven at high level for your connection to atmosphere.
  • The unit is supplied fully assembled. This is a general description. Certified drawings are available on request when placing an order.

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