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Stainless Steel paint supply Vats installed within a pump room

A number of our customers are required to paint components with various colours. This is determined by their customers coporate colours or by special requests.

We have had to design systems to cope with the fast colour changes that are required during production runs without the conveyor stopping. This calls for a PLC system to control the paint, catalyst and solvent flush valves. The operator selects the next colour required and presses colour select. The gun is then triggered and a variable timer gives a timed shot of solvent, in this case it is 45 seconds. When this time event has been achived the solvent valves close. The next colour valve is then opened allowing the next colour to the gun.

Paint Valves

Because the customer could select various colours we installed paint vats which hold upto 250 litres of paint each. Each vat is supplied with a easy fill system to pump the paint from standard 210 ltr drums into the vat. We have also fitted low level alarms to the base of the vats to warn the paint technicians that they need to re-fill.

Paint Vat Alarms

A pneumatic driven rotaty agitator is mounted on top of the vat lid, this keeps the paint solids in suspension.

33:1 ratio pumps supply the colour change valves using a steel pipework system. These pumps supply two spray booths to allow the customer to give two coats of paint to each component.

Paint Vats

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