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We offer a full range of paint spray equipment including spray paint guns. Industrial Spray Concepts have many years experience of total spray painting solutions including the provision of spray guns.

We also offer a bespoke spray painting service for industrial spray paint applications from design to installation. Our website gives you a taster of the guns and equipment we offer, but if you require something not seen here just give us a call or get in touch online.

Automatic spray guns

Here is an example of an automatic spray gun with guided air cylinder. This system is used to spray small intricate items on a chain conveyor.

Automatic paint spray gun

Electrostatic Spray Guns

Used together with conventional or Airmix spraying, the electrostatic paint spray effect delivers a higher transfer efficiency onto the surface. The fan of paint is electrically charged whilst the surface is grounded.

The resultant electrostatic field changes the trajectory of the paint particles, which are attracted towards the surface. This amounts to what we call the 'wrap around effect' which increases the transfer efficiency and at the same time reduces over spray.

We can provide electrostatic spray guns - get in touch for more information or a quotation.

Airless Spray Guns

Airless spray guns deliver a high quality finish without the need for an air compressor. Ideal for spraying water-based paints, oil-based paints, enamels, shed and fence treatments, wood preservatives, primers and more.

Our spray gun range

We offer a full range of spray guns to meet the paint spraying requirements of all types and size of business.

Some of our range is detailed below:

This list is not exhaustive so if there's a spray gun you want but you don't see it here please contact us.

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