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Wagner Powder Coating Hand Guns

Wagner Powder Coating The integral high voltage cascade, with a power rating of up to 100 kV, achieves an extremely high application efficiency and excellent charging of the powder. All electronic components are integrated in the robust plastic body of the gun. This means low servicing costs and a long life.

Wagner Powder Coating

The new PEM-C4 HiCoat manual gun for electrostatic powder paint coating.

The demand for a high quality and reproducible coating result and also ergonomic, light working is met by the PEM-C4 HiCoat manual gun. In combination with the Wagner Prima and Bravo manual units, they provide convincing coating results.

Application features and benefits:
  • Increased transfer rates due to the optimised process of the FlexNozzle flat jet atomising system for the widest variety of coating demands in practical applications.
  • Homogenised and soft powder cloud for more uniform film thicknesses and optimised deposition of the powder on the work piece.
  • Optimised electrostatics for optimal powder charging in conjunction with the integrated high voltage cascade for up to 100 kV output power.
  • Safety power, new safety technology for the reliable processing of standardised metallic and UDS powder paints plus of course the standard powder paints.
  • Power lock, new system for the reliable and close positioning of all nozzle components and their functional cross overs.
  • Very good durability the robust gun body protects all the electronic components.
Overall Length 395mm 395mm
Weight 504g 504g
Build to EN 50050
Enclosure Class IP54
Polarity negative
Wagner Powder Coating PEM-C3R Corona

Super light and handy the Airmatic PEM-C3R electrostatic manual gun. Coating programmes and the powder output rate can be set by remote control. This means that excellent charging of the powder is always achieved.

  • Fine spray pattern and uniform film
  • High efficiency due to integral high voltage cascade
  • Ideally suited for metallic powders
  • Super light, only 498g
  • Multi functional nozzle system
  • Deflector cone ventilation or atomising air
Wagner Powder Coating PEM-T3R Tribo

For parts with a most difficult geometry: the PEM-T3R Tribo manual gun coating programmes and the powder output rate can be set by remote control. The particles of powder are reliably charged up by friction against the PTFE inner walls and chicanes of the powder duct.

  • Tribo air to increase the intensity of frictional charging
  • Excellent penetration power into corners, angles and edges
  • Light and handy, only 590g
  • Good service life for wearing parts

Manual Powder Guns

Unit Type Airmatic PEM-C3R Tribo PEM-T3R
Weight 498g 590g
Length 355mm 500mm
Air Inlet Pressure max 3 bar max 3 bar
Output Voltage max 100 kV DC -
Polarity negative positive
Enclosure Class IP54 IP54
Powder Output max 300g/mn max 300g/mn

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