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Wagner spray paint solutionsWe stock a full range of Wagner spray guns, details of our most popular spray guns are listed below.

  • Wagner AG08 Spray Gun - it is light in weight, lies well in the hand and has a long service life. When it is combined with Trade Tip 2 nozzle system you can achieve first class surfaces.

    Wagner AG08 spray gun

  • Wagner GM3000AC Spray Gun - in the aircoat process (airless + air) the material is uniformly atomised at a relatively low pressure (from about 60 bar depending on the material) using a piston pump or a diaphragm pump. This is ensured by the central air guide (air cap) which is fitted immediately at the nozzle bore and surrounds the sprayed medium like a coat.

    Wagner GM3000AC spray gun

    In comparison to airless and air spraying the overspray is reduced. This gives a saving in material of up to 15% against the airless process and of up to 40% compared with air atomisation.

    The best features at a glance:

    • high coating speed
    • uniform application of material
    • soft run out at the edges of zones
    • less over spray than with airless and air spraying
    • good atomisation from a material pressure of 60 bar
    • less nozzle and equipment wear

    The result: the best application characteristics for high grade surface coating.

As well as a full selection of Wagner spray guns we can supply spray guns from a number of other manufacturers. We also offer bespoke spray solutions for those looking for something a bit different to the norm.

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